"Keep More of What You Earn"

Comprehensive Business Services LLC is a premier provider of tax and accounting services. Whether it’s tax returns, financial statements, entity formations, business consulting, or all of the above, Comprehensive Business Services (CBS) can assist you with our primary goal of “helping you keep more of what you earn!”

If you’ve not yet stopped by our office to meet us, you should. When you do, you will find that we are not your average accounting and tax prep firm. We are a group of fun-loving, dedicated individuals who love what we do and who we do it with. We aren’t stuck behind cubicles crunching numbers all day. That’s not our style.

Because, contrary to popular belief, accounting and tax work is NOT all about the numbers. It’s a radical idea, we know. We believe that accounting and tax work begins with who you are, where you are in life, and what your long-term goals are – whether it’s for you personally or for your business. We look at your whole situation, huddle our team, and come up with the most creative strategies for you to legally – keep more of what you earn!

Call our team of incorporation specialists to set up a free initial consultation at our Newark, Delaware office (or by phone if you are not local) to discuss what entity type is right for you.